New Digital Parison Controller (DigiPack III)       最新デジタル・パリソンコントローラ(DigiPack III)

DigiPack III is evolved from our popular previous Parison Controller, DigiPack II.

DigiPack III has larger, more durable touch screen for easy operation. 

By adopting a touch screen, a user is able to select parameters directly and input numerical values with a numeric keypad for quicker set up. The operation method is the same as DigiPack II, so current users do not need to learn new operations.

Moreover, the rotary knob is still there with the same function, without losing the operability of the current DigiPack controller.


The device dimension and mounting pattern is the exactly same as DigiPack II.


DigiPack IIIは、当社の人気のパリソンコントローラDigiPack IIから、正常進化しました。

DigiPack IIIには、より大きく耐久性のあるタッチスクリーンを搭載しました。




また、DigiPack IIと筐体サイズ、取り付け面が同じなので、置き換えの為の互換性も完璧です。

Number of set points Maximum 200 pts
10 to 200 pts selectable
Communication port Ethernet(Tcp/IP)
Language English / Chinese / Japanese 
Accurate position feedback  DCDT ± 10V Core Position
Liner pot 0-10V Accumulated Position 
Screen  Color XVGA 1280 x 800
Touch screen 
Memory function  External memory: USB 32GB max.
Supported Format: FAT32 
Protective function  Password-protected when the Setup window shifts 
Power supply  DC24V (excluding 0.5A external loads)
w/Power supply check lamp 
Dim./weight  288 (W) x 240(H) x 55(D) / 3.6Kg